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Collection of Identifying Information in Certain Circumstances

Collection of Identifying Information in Certain Circumstances

This course is only available to Ontario Police Services.

Police officers are gate-keepers of the public’s interactions with the criminal justice system. These interactions are not simply about the Police Services Act and the Criminal Code of Canada -- in fact, both pieces of legislation are subject to the constitutional rights enshrined in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and in the quasi-constitutional status given to the Ontario Human Rights Code that protect all members of the public from discrimination. This means that actions which may appear permissible to police must be scrutinized for any potential breach of the principles in the Charter and the Ontario Human Rights Code.

The Collection of Identifying Information in Certain Circumstances addresses the changes that the Province of Ontario is making to affirm and protect individual rights. This course will inform the way police officers interact with members of the public during voluntary interactions where police request identifying information in circumstances specified under the regulation. This includes ensuring that interactions are undertaken professionally and in a context which does not permit discrimination that is prohibited by the Charter and Ontario’s human rights legislation. The course will also discuss how the mandate to ensure safe and secure communities can be achieved within this framework.

By January 1, 2017, these changes will be fully implemented, directing the way officers will interact with community members in neighbourhoods across the province in certain circumstances:

  • Officers must have a reason that the officer can articulate for requesting identifying information
    • The reason cannot include factors like the individual’s race (except if looking for a particular person), or the individual’s attempt to exercise their rights
  • Officers will inform the individual of their rights to refuse to provide identifying information
  • Officers will offer a record of the interaction, including information about how to contact the Independent Police Review Director
  • Chiefs of police will complete annual reviews of these interactions, including an analysis of whether particular groups (e.g., members of a racialized group) are found to be disproportionately affected
  • Failure to comply with the regulation and unlawful detention may be considered a breach of the Code of Conduct under the Police Services Act, and subject to discipline

O. Reg. 58/16: Collection of Identifying Information in Certain Circumstance – Prohibition and Duties is available online and can be viewed at


Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Adhere to proper protocols and legislation when collecting identifying information;
  • Showcase professionalism and interact professionally in the course of your duties;
  • Utilize effective communication techniques and strategies in the course of your duties;
  • Demonstrate how to approach individuals to seek voluntary cooperation to collect identifying information;
  • Engage with individuals for the purposes such as; community policing initiatives, collecting information, investigative detention, and arrest.


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