CPKN Model

Course Selection Process

CPKN relies on the Canadian policing sector to identify topics for e-learning development. Individuals and organizations from the police and law enforcement communities are invited to submit topic suggestions using the form below.

All suggestions are vetted by CPKN’s National Advisory Group. Topics are selected based on a number of factors including the urgency around the need for the training, availability of content and a Subject Matter Expert, and scope of the target audience. Generally, CPKN develops e-learning on topics that are relevant to a national police audience but also considers training that meets the needs of smaller audiences.

When completing the Topic Suggestion Form (BELOW), please provide as much information as possible.

For additional information, please contact:

Nadine Sutcliffe
National Advisory Group Course Selection Sub-Committee

Tel: 902.629.4262
Email: nadine.sutcliffe@cpkn.ca

Topic Selection Form